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Why…Best For My Girls ?

I want to start off by telling you who I am. My name is Scott Perlman and I am a proud dad of three girls, but this is about my two younger girls. I was born and raised in Brooklyn New York and now living outside of Atlanta, GA for the past 17 years. I have put myself through school to become a Doctor of Chiropractic and have been working for myself for the past 12 years.  I met my ex-wife one year before I had graduated from Chiropractic School, got married, and move into a nice home a few years later.  I then found out that in moment that my marriage was over and before I knew it everything I had worked for was gone and more important so were my two little ones…just like that!


The real reason for creating this blog is due to some serious circumstances and events that have transpired not too long after my divorce.    The courts have not been fair to me nor to my daughters when it came to visitation,  to following court orders, not allowing me to see my daughters during my allotted visitation times, not being able to see or speak to them for weeks and most recently now months at a time.


Over a year ago their mother had physically abused both girls over a two week period, now Child Abuse was in effect here. I had done all of the right steps as a father should, Child Abuse should never have to happen to any child at any level… period. I had been given temporary custody of my daughters by one Judge to have them given back to her by another four weeks later, handed in all of the proof that was needed, three detectives as a witnesses and a PHD Psychologist with 40 years experiences, pictures of my five year old..17 black and blue bruise images from the knees to her ankles and to have all of this dismissed like nothing ever happened.


Before I had a chance to put in my appeal she went to the school, pulled the girls out early before I could pick them up and they were gone to Texas, not saying good- bye to their dad, taking any of their animals, toys, or clothes.  My ex-wife told them they were going to visit grandpa.  When they get there she told them that they are going to live there for good! I felt as if my children had been kidnapped and held for ransom. For the first two months or so I had very little contact with my daughters.  Their cell phone was thrown away, no house phone and she cut them off from all computers or anything else they might be able to use to contact me, their father!


Come this past November 15th, 2011 it has been 13 month’s now since I have seen my girls, I have even gone as far as to go to Texas to try to see them and to no prevail once again.  She doesn’t even show, 2500 mile round trip and I never even got to see them. I did everything I knew I could do, I called my attorney, then the police to make a report.  The officer that came out even went as far as to call her, and she told him I had the wrong weekend even though I had showed the officer the email that she had just sent to me two days prior given me her new address in the middle of now where showing the correct date, the weekend I was there.


So, I have created two court cases since last May of 2011 here in the state of Georgia.  I have a case with the appellant court of the state and that application was approved! The brief has been submitted but the system is so backed up, they are now telling me that it can take as long as 12-18 months before the case might be seen.  So we are coming up on March of 2012 and I was told by the Appellant Court of Georgia that it might go in front of the three judges at that point and that we would go from there. Mean while the case that I have in the other county where my attorney and I were told to go file back in May of 2011 to only find out that the cases are sitting on the judge’s desk and that he hasn’t been able to get to them just yet, meanwhile every day every week and now year that goes by my girls are growing up without their dad.  We don’t get to see each other, and in this absence I have to wonder if they think I’ve abandoned them?  They don’t know how hard I’m fighting to get them back.  They’re growing up and with each day that passes they mature into young women, do their memories of me fade?


Every time I tried to do something with the courts here in Georgia I would always get the run around but I am finding out that I am not alone on this boat, after joining some local and nation wide father groups I started to see so many other fathers that were going through the same thing, Child Abuse over and over and the mom just getting the kids all of the time. Hard core evidence being submitted into the courts and just makes it like it’s no big deal…wow! So now I was starting to see this big picture 4 attorneys later and finding myself filing for bankruptcy.


I have no communication, can’t see them, can’t speak to them, can’t get them on a phone, don’t know how they are doing, no weekends, no vacations, no memories, no kisses before bed and most of all where is the love other than in my heart and soul. I pray all of the time that God and his Son to keep their eyes on them while I cannot.  I pray for their safety and wellbeing, I pray that they can feel my love that I send out into the universe and that it goes into their little hearts, I pray that they can feel the love in my heart  I send into theirs. So I sit and wait for good things to happen.


I am asking all to spread this story around so that maybe someone somewhere sees this and I can get it to another level, a higher one, this story needs to be in the paper or TV somehow. My children have gone through Child Abuse here, I have written to my Congressman, both Senators, the Governor, Lt. Governor, advocate of the state, child care services, DEFACS, I have spoken to Captains, Lts and Majors in the police Department. I have been up at the capital over eight times to try to get help from politicians, something anything and all I get is how we can’t help you!


My daughters and I are asking for you, the public, to help.  My favorite type of people, real people who live day to day trying their best to make it work in there own homes for their own families who just might understand me here just a little. Please spread this to anyone who you think might be able to help myself and my girls, you see, I happen to love my munchkins with all of my heart and I just want a better life for them, better than what I had and more because they deserve it. There are many different levels of Child Abuse and I am trying to make it that this never happens to my girls ever again.


My daughters and I want to thank sooooooo many of you in advance for helping me help them, for a better and safer life!


I love and miss my girls so much… thank you all .


Sincerely & best in health to You & Yours.,. God Bless